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Expansion (Residential, commercial)

Located in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, DENIS TRUDEAU CONSTRUCTION concretises your expansion projects within the residential and commercial sectors.

Expand and Modernise!

The expansion of your house is an operation aimed at increasing its living area. Such a practice requires accurate planning, as well as a high level of technical expertise. Whether you want to expand just one or more rooms, DENIS TRUDEAU CONSTRUCTION company is the solution for your project. We take into consideration all alternatives and will present you a fee structure consistent with your project scope. Our services include the initial assessment, design, obtaining the building permit, follow-up of the work and delivery.

We can expand the living area of your house and optimise its comforts

Expansion work : Our job

DENIS TRUDEAU CONSTRUCTION company is specialised in the field of expansion work, both residential and commercial. We carry out all the steps with professionalism: project schematisation, evaluation of technical constraints, selection of materials, calculation of internal angles, analysis of the type of soil, etc.

As specialists, we supervise the different interventions on foundations, connections, painting and all the other construction elements. After our intervention, your home will be a spacious, comfortable, modern and safe place.

Expansion for transforming the overall appearance of your house

Our guaranties :

  • Custom work based on customer expectations
  • A competent and versatile entrepreneur
  • Compliance with agreed deadlines

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